I am a great supporter of Playdough, Plasticine & Clay


play-doh-surprisePersonally, I am a great supporter of Playdough, Plasticine, and Clay. I believe that every child should play with plasticine. First of all, develop manual dexterity of the child. Child holding kneading and modeling clay, usually doing both hands, and this results in cooperation between the two hemispheres of the brain. Left is responsible for logical thinking and language skills, and the right for imagination and emotion. Moreover, plasticine allows you to practice concentration and develops creativity.

In my house, Playdough, Plasticine or Clay is already present for a long time. My kids already can make so far animals and other little monsters. We love that kind of activity when we gather at the table and create what imagination brings to us.

Here you have some great ideas of modeling with Playdough. Plasticine, and Clay.

Last weekend we did this castle with playdoh:

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